Friday, October 9, 2009


So i think joss Wheden has figured out a way to keep this show alive. In the first season it was all about the FBI trying to find the dollhouse and more importantly Caroline. By the end of the season the FBI agent, who lost his job searching for the dollhouse, actually finds the dollhouse. And in effort to save his life and the lives of the dolls he agrees to work for them. Yay, i know it sounds stupid. But all the worries about where the show might be heading now that the season one story line finished is over. The new plot is about a politician who oppposes the Rossum group (this is the group that secretly funds the dollhouse program) because of the animal and human testing. And in the latest episode (2 i think) someone gives him information about the rossum group and their human testing. Now my only worry is that this story line will be wrapped up by the end of the season. If that happens then the creators will constantly have to find new story lines, eventually the idea of a person being implanted will different personalities and memories will get boring. If that happens then we will just be watching little vignettes of a character that is unrelatable because the character can be everyone. But heres hoping that Mr. whedon knows what he is doing.

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