Friday, October 9, 2009

Grey's Anatomy

So for the last few seasons i have gradually become more and more disappointed with this show. And while it's still not up to par it's getting there. You can start to see glimpses of why you first started to watch the show. That being said, i'm so not happy with this merger idea. Not because i'm afraid we'll lose some of the characters (because let's face it, who cares?) but because it a stupid idea. I do know what they were going for, the real life job insecurity feel. Except they are doctors and doctors will never have problems getting a job, maybe not a great job or their dream job, but they will be employed. And nurses are in high demand, always. Okay, so maybe it's all about leaving your life behind, friends, home, city, etc.
So another point with the merger idea: It was all Richard Weber's idea in order to save his job. So when he was telling derek how horrible he feels letting people go, how can you believe that. This is a guy who wants to save his job, one that he can no longer do anymore. So has the chief been steadily getting on your nerves the last few seasons?

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