Friday, October 9, 2009


So i think joss Wheden has figured out a way to keep this show alive. In the first season it was all about the FBI trying to find the dollhouse and more importantly Caroline. By the end of the season the FBI agent, who lost his job searching for the dollhouse, actually finds the dollhouse. And in effort to save his life and the lives of the dolls he agrees to work for them. Yay, i know it sounds stupid. But all the worries about where the show might be heading now that the season one story line finished is over. The new plot is about a politician who oppposes the Rossum group (this is the group that secretly funds the dollhouse program) because of the animal and human testing. And in the latest episode (2 i think) someone gives him information about the rossum group and their human testing. Now my only worry is that this story line will be wrapped up by the end of the season. If that happens then the creators will constantly have to find new story lines, eventually the idea of a person being implanted will different personalities and memories will get boring. If that happens then we will just be watching little vignettes of a character that is unrelatable because the character can be everyone. But heres hoping that Mr. whedon knows what he is doing.

Grey's Anatomy

So for the last few seasons i have gradually become more and more disappointed with this show. And while it's still not up to par it's getting there. You can start to see glimpses of why you first started to watch the show. That being said, i'm so not happy with this merger idea. Not because i'm afraid we'll lose some of the characters (because let's face it, who cares?) but because it a stupid idea. I do know what they were going for, the real life job insecurity feel. Except they are doctors and doctors will never have problems getting a job, maybe not a great job or their dream job, but they will be employed. And nurses are in high demand, always. Okay, so maybe it's all about leaving your life behind, friends, home, city, etc.
So another point with the merger idea: It was all Richard Weber's idea in order to save his job. So when he was telling derek how horrible he feels letting people go, how can you believe that. This is a guy who wants to save his job, one that he can no longer do anymore. So has the chief been steadily getting on your nerves the last few seasons?


So i finally got around to watching this show again and i have to say it's getting better. The themes are a little too repetitive and the acting is a little harsh but overall i think this show is going to be really good. It's clearly still in the beginning stages and it needs to decide if it's going to be a medical drama or simply a drama set in a hospital (think Grey's Anatomy). I have high hopes for this show and hope that it will survive sweeps. Does anybody else agree or disagree?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Desperate Housewives

This is one of those shows I watch primarily because I'm not the only one in control of what we watch in this house. I have to say. It's not very good. The premier showcased a new character, and also an old Soprano's actress, always an interesting find. That said, the actors (with the possible exception of Felicia Huffman) and the plots are silly. The one thing I can say definitively is that the writers/producers of the show at least know that it's an over dramatic, silly soap opera. Does anyone out there actually enjoy the show? How come?

House -

So in this episode we're stuck dealing with the hospital sans House. He's finally out of the mental hospital, but his therapist successfully convinces him that he needs to leave the hospital behind, because the stress may lead him to fall back onto his old drug habits. As you might expect, House's departure left a vacuum in the diagnostic department at the hospital, which was quickly filled by Foreman.

So what did I think about this episode. Well, it was not what I had expected. Dr. House seems to be opening up to his therapist fairly easily, something that I suppose is to be expected since he already had his "breakthrough" but I'm a bit skeptical about the different ways he explored to distract from his pain. I do appreciate that this "exploration" took only one episode, and he's clearly heading back to the hospital. I also must admit I enjoyed his forays into the kitchen, for what they were worth.

In general the show was a strong showcase for Dr. Foreman, but I'm eager to see House get back into the hospital doing what he does best. How will his emotional changes alter him as a doctor? We'll find out. What'd you think about this week's episode?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Grey's Anatomy

Oh Grey's Anatomy. How torn you make me. I'll be honest in saying that it's unlikely that I'll abandon the show no matter where it goes. Part of that is the fact that I'm not the only one making television watching decisions in this house, but the other part is that I can (apparently) subsist on brilliant moments far after they've stopped happening regularly. Such is the case in this episode.

I thought there were a few excellent moments in this episode. Chandra Wilson, typically brilliant, was overall, somewhat less so. Most of her forced detachment, although it made sense, still felt false. There were a few moments where she seemed to be unleashed somewhat and was able to bring the traditional sense of Bailey to the show. I thought "Izzy" had some good moments as well. Overall however, the show seemed to be more focused on setting things up for the season, as opposed to really revealing very much. This is not necessarily meant to be a criticism (per se) but it is something that I'd like to see evolve relatively soon.

I'll leave it there for now, but I'd love to hear your comments. This season should be interesting, and I do miss T.R. Knight already. We'll see what happens. What do you want to happen next?

Friday, September 25, 2009

America's Next Top Model

So this episode seemed to be all about the bitch. Bitch Ashley and Bitch Lulu started off the show by making Bianca feel even worse about herself, then they criticize Mathematician Brittany's runway walk right before the challenge. Brittany ended up winning the runway challenge and got a photos hoot in Seventeen Magazine. Not once did they congratulate her. And then they criticized Nicole for having a heart to heart with Bianca. They said that Nicole was naive and Bianca was taking advantage of her. Nicole, as it turns out, is not naive and knew exactly what they were doing. And it doesn't stop there. Bitch Ashley and Bitch Lulu basically criticized everyone on the photo shoot saying they had the best pictures. In the end though karma caught up to them. Lulu was sent home. Apparently she did not rock the photo shoot. Well i hope this takes away Ashley's power and she learns to be nice. But more than likely she'll just suck someone else down into that black hole.