Friday, September 25, 2009

America's Next Top Model

So this episode seemed to be all about the bitch. Bitch Ashley and Bitch Lulu started off the show by making Bianca feel even worse about herself, then they criticize Mathematician Brittany's runway walk right before the challenge. Brittany ended up winning the runway challenge and got a photos hoot in Seventeen Magazine. Not once did they congratulate her. And then they criticized Nicole for having a heart to heart with Bianca. They said that Nicole was naive and Bianca was taking advantage of her. Nicole, as it turns out, is not naive and knew exactly what they were doing. And it doesn't stop there. Bitch Ashley and Bitch Lulu basically criticized everyone on the photo shoot saying they had the best pictures. In the end though karma caught up to them. Lulu was sent home. Apparently she did not rock the photo shoot. Well i hope this takes away Ashley's power and she learns to be nice. But more than likely she'll just suck someone else down into that black hole.

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