Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Modern Family

So this show is hilarious. I'm not just saying that. I was actually laughing out loud. Modern family is just that, a take on the modern family. So we have Married with Children alum Ed O'Neill who plays a newly remarried man and father. His new wife happens to be at least 20 years younger. His two adult children Julie Bowen (Ed) and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (best known as the guy with red hair).

Julie Bowen's family consists on the husband and father who wants to be best friends with his children and thinks he is super cool, the fifteen year old daughter who is snotty and thinks she should be allowed to have a tall dark handsome senior in her room with the door closed, a younger daughter (12ish) who so far has made no impression, and a young boy (probably ten). The family dynamic is crazy and chaotic. Punishment is not normal. The boy shoots his sister with a cap gun and as punishment he must be shot too. Well this turns out to be a problem, and not in the moral way. They just don't have the time, so after a discussion they schedule in the shooting.

And then the third family consists of the red head son and his overly dramatic partner. And amongst all the drama of adopting a baby and not telling his parents is plenty of laughter. If you don't laugh at this show then you are seriously lacking some humor. (Also a little side note, this show is done sort of in the same manor of The Office and Parks and Recreation, that faux interview style, or Mr./Mrs. Smith marriage counseling style.) So any thoughts on this must see show?


  1. Was it really good? It got bumped from my schedule, because Wednesday's are crazy for me. I want to try to pick it up online, do you know if they are playing full episodes anywhere? hulu?