Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday Night Preview

Honestly, neither of us are watching much on Tuesday. It's entirely possible that something may fill this spot in the future, and we'll happily cover it. In the meantime, we're both planning on catching up on some shows from the first couple days of the week.

Other shows I may/may not watch:
Shark Tank (ABC) 8:00PM Premier 9/29
The Forgotten (ABC) 10:00PM Premier 9/22
The Good Wife (CBS) 10:00PM Premier 9/22
So You Think You Can Dance (FOX) 8:00PM Now Playing
Flipping Out (Bravo) 10:00PM Now Playing
Chopped Champions (Food Network) 10:00PM Now Playing
Hell's Kitchen (FOX) 8:00PM Now Playing
Dragon's Den (BBC America) 9:00PM Premier 10/6

Any preferences? What should we be watching on this day? Any of these have staying power?

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