Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Friday Night Preview

Southland (NBC) 9:00PM Premier 10/23
Gavin's Take - Honestly I'm not sure I'll even watch this season. Last season the show was overproduced and not terribly interesting. The best thing I can say about the show is that it clearly is trying. It may even be trying too hard, because for now I have no interest in any of the characters, any of the story lines, or frankly even the premise. Who needs another "gritty" cop show? This one is set in LA, and it's not quite as procedural as L&O and similar incarnations, but I'm going to need it to develop, and fast if it wants to keep me hooked. I will say the fact that it's on Friday makes it more likely I'll check it out at some point during the weekend.

Psych (USA) 10:00PM Now Playing
Gavin's Take - Maybe the best show not on a major network or premium cable. Psych is an absolute guilty pleasure, since nobody would ever argue that the show is worth much in the objective sense. Nonetheless, the characters amuse me, the meta-comedy (including poking fun at network knockoffs like The Mentalist) and the entertaining storylines make it a show I definitely enjoy. I wouldn't consider it to be must-see television, but it's definitely a good show and worth a look.

Dollhouse (FOX) 9:00PM Premier 9/25
Alison's Take - I started watching this on the off season because Joss Whedon knows how to make a show. This present day, yet futuristic, show invites us into a world where your mind can be erased and you can take on different personalities to serve the paying client. Now this show isn’t that great. And since the characters are always changing it’s hard to form an attachment. But surprisingly you can. Watch this show and you might be surprised by how entertaining it is. And maybe it’ll make you feel paranoid. Who’s to say this technology doesn’t exist right now?

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