Tuesday, September 29, 2009

House -

So in this episode we're stuck dealing with the hospital sans House. He's finally out of the mental hospital, but his therapist successfully convinces him that he needs to leave the hospital behind, because the stress may lead him to fall back onto his old drug habits. As you might expect, House's departure left a vacuum in the diagnostic department at the hospital, which was quickly filled by Foreman.

So what did I think about this episode. Well, it was not what I had expected. Dr. House seems to be opening up to his therapist fairly easily, something that I suppose is to be expected since he already had his "breakthrough" but I'm a bit skeptical about the different ways he explored to distract from his pain. I do appreciate that this "exploration" took only one episode, and he's clearly heading back to the hospital. I also must admit I enjoyed his forays into the kitchen, for what they were worth.

In general the show was a strong showcase for Dr. Foreman, but I'm eager to see House get back into the hospital doing what he does best. How will his emotional changes alter him as a doctor? We'll find out. What'd you think about this week's episode?

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  1. So this episode was alright. House leaving the hospital and then realizing he needed the hospital seems to be pretty inevitable. I think we all knew he would be back, otherwise the show would be called Foreman, M.D.
    OKay so i'm going to rant some here. I hate Foreman. I always have. Seriously i think he is the worst character in the show. He is selfish, narcissistic, stubborn and annoying as hell. And while i like 13, i hate her relationship with foreman (14). So this episode was mostly an annoyance to watch. He thinks he is as good as house and that is his downfall. Everything 13 told him was true, he acts like house he loses, he doesn't act like he loses. And it bothers me that he never takes 13's opinion to heart, he automatically dismisses her idea because he thinks he is right.
    So now the departure of Taub is fine. I understand his reason for leaving. He wanted to work with house and i wanted to watch house. So good for him. But with the re-arrival of house in diagnostics will he be back?
    So in other house news Jennifer Morrison, Cameron, is going to be leaving the show as per the creators request. Bummer. She has always been one of my favorites but ever since season 4 we have barely seen her on screen, so maybe it's time for her to leave. However this season, or the part of it she's in, her character actually develops a plot line, or so i've read. It seems odd for the creators to give her a story and then write her out of it. Brightside though is that they are not killing the character so maybe she'll guest star or come for consults. Anyway this is all what i've read on the internet, so keep that in mind.
    Alright, i'm done with the rant.