Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So apparently saying "I'm Sorry" is the cure all for the tension between lead detective Beckett and mystery novelist Castle. That really annoyed me. But I probably hold grudges more that most. I still have it in for that girl in my 7th grade gym class who mocked my last name. But I digress. I suppose the show would be over without the apology. But did he really need to? Sure he violated her trust and snooped into her past. But he had good intentions, right? Or was he just trying to satisfy his own curiosity? Well regardless of whether or not he did wrong, is an apology enough? And does it even count when it's said with selfish intentions?

If anybody else is watching, I'd love your input.

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  1. I had intended to watch this show last year, and actually picked it up for this episode. I was pleasantly surprised. It was entertaining, though I think Castle's "antics" might get a little boring after a little while. I may check out another couple episodes and see how it progresses. I totally agree with you about the "I'm Sorry" plotline, although I have very little idea what the heck he was sorry about...