Saturday, September 26, 2009

Grey's Anatomy

Oh Grey's Anatomy. How torn you make me. I'll be honest in saying that it's unlikely that I'll abandon the show no matter where it goes. Part of that is the fact that I'm not the only one making television watching decisions in this house, but the other part is that I can (apparently) subsist on brilliant moments far after they've stopped happening regularly. Such is the case in this episode.

I thought there were a few excellent moments in this episode. Chandra Wilson, typically brilliant, was overall, somewhat less so. Most of her forced detachment, although it made sense, still felt false. There were a few moments where she seemed to be unleashed somewhat and was able to bring the traditional sense of Bailey to the show. I thought "Izzy" had some good moments as well. Overall however, the show seemed to be more focused on setting things up for the season, as opposed to really revealing very much. This is not necessarily meant to be a criticism (per se) but it is something that I'd like to see evolve relatively soon.

I'll leave it there for now, but I'd love to hear your comments. This season should be interesting, and I do miss T.R. Knight already. We'll see what happens. What do you want to happen next?


  1. Overall I think this episode was ok. It was overly emotional, as i expected it would be. But it wasn't bad.
    Sidenote: I was watching this episode with my mom and when the scenes for the season were up she turned to me and said "They are making this show a soap opera" and i turned to her and said "Making!?!". I think this show is going way down hill if my mom says something like that. But we shall see.

  2. I was thoroughly disapointed in the Grey's premeire. I thought it was overly dramatized, way too long, and the performances were terribly contrived. That being said, I did enjoy the overall theme of dealing with the different stages of grief and the way in which they manifest themselves in certain people. However, this episode did not need to be 2 hours long. Nor did we need narration from each character in order to comprehend that each character was displaying a different stage in the grief process. I mean, come on, how stupid do they think we are? I also really disliked the whole "would George want to donate his organs?" plot line. The guy just threw himself in front of a bus to save a stranger's life and he's a doctor and he just volunteered to risk his life in the army as a trauma surgeon. I think the answer to that question is fairly obvious and the fact that we even needed to ask it in this episode is completely inane.

    A couple of high points though: Ellen Pompeo's performance was understated and in a very good way. I thought she gave the best performance and her final scene was very moving. Also, I continue to think that Katherine Heigl is a wonderful actress and her preformance (given the material she had to work with) was pretty good.

    Like Gavin, I'm attached to Grey's Anatomy because of what it used to be. I keep hoping it's gonna get back to its roots, but the writing has gone downhill since the third season or so. Here's hoping they get new writers! SOON! Because what a waste of talented actors if they continue to head down this soap opera route.