Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday Night Preview

So You Think You Can Dance (FOX) 8:00PM Now Playing
Gavin's Take - I've faithfully watched the show every year in the summer, and now it's crowding into our fall season! What the heck?! Oh well, I'll make time for the show, although I'm completely uninterested in the SIX WEEKS of auditions and Vegas week. Who cares? Get to the competition and I'll start paying closer attention. In the meantime, don't worry I'll be watching (on both days) when it's on, and I'm already annoyed at most of the auditioners. If Evan's brother makes the show... god help me. He will not be spared my wrath.
Alison's Take - The better of the two dancing shows I watch. The contestants are real dancers with real talent. It’s no wonder that past contestants on this show go on to be the professionals on DWTS. These dancers have real dreams. When they dance, it’s not just to win money, it’s because they love to do this. But this show is not without its flaws. The dancers are tested on all sorts of styles of dance, which is pretty interesting, but it’s hard to ask a ballroom dancer to dance krunk or vice versa. This is also a fan voting show, so it’s not really about talent. It’s about whose personality the voters liked the most, or the choreography or the music. The variables involved in choosing a favorite dancer are too wide. Talent tends to have very little pull in the voting circle. Sometimes this is good. Often times it’s not. Seeing ballerina Melissa go home last season was heartbreaking.

Glee (FOX) 9:00PM Now Playing
Gavin's Take - Lots of potential, lots of missed. That's how I'd sum up this show. A unique concept with an interesting story premise, coupled with characters that at the moment are somewhat uni-dimensional and mediocre musical performances makes this a hit or miss show. My guess is that after all the money pumped into the promos, there is no way FOX lets this show get the axe. I'm just hoping the show gets better, and fast. I'll have more to say when we review the 1st episode shortly.
Alison's Take - So this is the most talked about show all summer. All summer I heard that this is the one show that everybody must watch. I like it. I really do. Musicals are awesome. And this show can pull it off, provided they get the dubbing right. In last week’s episode the dubbing was off and for me it seriously diminished the whole show. I understand that the actors are actually singing it, but in a studio. However to have the dubbing on the vocals off is not going to keep this show going. I hope the editing team does a better job this week or this show is not going to last much longer. That being said, Jane Lynch, the cheerleading coach, is comedic gold. If you don’t like high school shows, watch it for her snappy lines. She’s sure to make you laugh out loud.

Mercy (NBC) 8:00PM Premier 9/23
Gavin's Take - I suppose if Trauma fails to replace the phenomenon that was ER, NBC will turn to Mercy? Or was the thinking more, "If one medical show is a hit, two will be twice the hit!" Although the formula seems to work for formulaic crime shows (CSI, NCIS, L&O, and all the iterations of each), I would be SHOCKED if both of these shows made it until the end of the season. Unless NBC has either nothing to replace it, or the creators have blackmail on the NBC execs, I'm betting it'll be this one.
Alison's Take - Not really sure about this show. The idea of a nurse just back from a tour in Iraq sounds unique. That fact is one of the elements I believe will set it apart from all the other medical drama’s out there. Another is that it focuses on a nurse, not a doctor. And this nurse is sure to come with a wheelbarrow full of baggage. Hope this one survives sweeps, or until sweeps. If not, less to watch.

America's Next Top Model (CW) 8:00PM Now Playing
Alison's Take - It's a guilty pleasure. Not really sure it’s worth talking about. This season features models 5 feet 7 inches and under. All those short people hoping they can make it in a tall world. Plus Tyra is crazy. Enough said.

Modern Family (ABC) 9:00PM Premier 9/23
Alison's Take - Why not? This show features three families, all related, and focuses on their little quirks. It’s about time someone did a show on the modern family in these modern times. And nobody has a perfect family. So why not?

Other shows I may/may not watch:
The Middle (ABC) 8:30PM Premier 9/30
Modern Family (ABC) 9:00PM Premier 9/23
Cougar Town (ABC) 9:30PM Premier 9/23
Eastwick (ABC) 10:00PM Premier 9/23
Law and Order: SVU (NBC) 9:00PM Premier 9/23
Top Chef: Las Vegas (Bravo) 10:00PM Now Playing
South Park (Comedy Central) 10:00PM Premier 10/7
King of the Crown (TLC) 9:00PM Premier 9/30

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